Thursday, August 20, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Over the line!

I'm off to Sheffield shortly to see U2 play Don Valley stadium so I thought I'd drop in for a quick update first.

I had planned on accomplishing lots of hobby related stuff on Tuesday night but in the event I felt ill and curled up on the sofa to watch Aliens for the umpteenth time. It must have been all this talk of Space Hulk which made me think of it. Cracking film.

I was out at the Newcastle match last night to see Shola Ameobi score his fourth goal in two games. At one point the crowd starting singing 'same old Shola, always scoring' and I burst out laughing. We won the match and are unbeaten so far in the Championship. Good stuff.

As I've mentioned I'm out tonight and I'm also out on the lash on Friday night back in Newcastle.

All this socialising means my battle reports, eBay selling, Planetstrike terrain and Planetary Empires painting will have to wait until this weekend. I do plan to get really stuck in on Saturday and Sunday, fitting in Inglourious Basterds and maybe a drink or two on Saturday night as well.

One thing I did manage to achieve this week was to hit the £500 target for my New Model Fund. Hurrah!

I took some coins out of my penny jar and was surprised to find £11 in change. A swift run down to the bank and my grand total now stands at £501.09.

I have two options at this point; one is to revise my target up to £1000 by the end of the year and two is to start spending on models.

Of course I have made a resolution to not buy any more models this calendar year so I'll probably opt to raise my NMF total. Given that I have a load of stuff ready to hit eBay I could see an immediate boost to the Fund over the next few weeks anyway.

Watch this space!


  1. Grats on hitting the £500 mark. :)

    I was watching the football updates on sky last night, kinda hoping Wednesday would score, but looking at the match stats it seems that it was unlikely to happen. XD

  2. Wednesday looked like a tidy team to me. They had a lot of possession, a bit of pace and tried to attack. They just didn't have that cutting edge to score a goal. At the same time I think we looked a bit tired and a couple of players picked up knocks.

    I was just happy we hung on for the win.

  3. You picked up another three points today though.
    Its going to be an interesting game I hope on the 31st. Sadly I no longer have the money to get my Leicester ticket though.

    Which is a bit of a kick in the teeth, as I only live in Felling. >_< *shakes fist*
    Still, I can always go watch it in a pub I guess.