Saturday, June 2, 2007

BACKGROUND: Exigators, 4th company

Orton Jorke was an ambitious and daring commander who initially vied with Tchoi Guerez for leadership of the 1st company. His bravery was never in doubt but his ambition sometimes outstripped his abilities.

Jorke was leading the 4th company against the Delaval in Hexen sub when the gene curse hit the chapter. He refused to withdraw and join the fleet, instead preferring to finish his war. Jorke returned to Insolitus to find their base razed, their recruits slaughtered and Finn Keys, Captain of the 10th company executed by servants of the Imperium.

long dormant jealousies and rivalries, Jorke made contact with elements of the 2nd company who had survived the fleet ambush and rendezvoused with Badalementi Astrid, the 2nd company captain. While Astrid stoked Jorke'sJorke was seduced by the lure of Chaos and vowed to induct the rest of his company. Those who rebelled were disposed of. Or so Jorke thought.

With his followers united the 4th company made for the Salazar Systems where they were supposed to meet Gryan, a 'turned' Marine Apothecary who claimed to be able to reverse the Exigators gene curse. En-route, several Marines mutinied. Vicious fighting broke out all over the strike cruiser. Jorke led a foolhardy attack on the Enginarium but was killed by a melta-charge booby trap. No-one is sure what happened next.

Some say that the overwhelmed loyalists disabled the ship's Geller field allowing Daemons to devour the souls of all those on board. Others say that the followers of Chaos triumphed and that, leaderless, they pledged their allegiance to the traitor Apothecary in the Salazar systems. A few maintain that the loyalists won the fight and took control of the strike cruiser. It is said that they patrol the Skolarii Sector to this day, fighting the forces of Chaos wherever they are found.

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