Tuesday, June 5, 2007

OPINION - On Luck. Introduction

Lucky players seem to pick the best army list for any given game, get the perfect dice rolls just as they need them and have the right models in the right place at the right time. Their success is not down to them working particularly hard, being amazingly talented or exceptionally intelligent. Instead, they are watched over by lady luck. They always get the good luck while you always get the bad.

You always seem to come up against the army that can best defeat yours. You get the worst dice rolls and even remember specific games where you rolled that triple one. Your models are always an inch short or just out of range. Now matter how hard you plan and practice, defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory time and again and it's all down to one thing; bad luck.


Over the next few articles I aim to show you that you hold the key to creating your own 'luck.' By changing your gaming habits you can understand, control and increase good fortune and using these tips you can revolutionise your games.

I will post five more articles in total.
  1. How to maximise your opportunities by maintaining a strong network of luck and being open to new experiences.
  2. Why you should listen to your intuition and hunches (math-hammer can't help you in every situation).
  3. Why you should expect good fortune with the key being to persevere.
  4. How you can take constructive steps to turn bad luck into good luck.
  5. A summary and round-up of the main ideas in these articles.
If you have any anecdotes relating to good or bad luck please get in touch - I may be able to use them in the articles themselves.

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