Friday, June 1, 2007

Ideas for blogging

Besides all the reorganisation of my gaming time, I have been re-examining this blog and how it works.

My original plan was to post each and every day. I thought this was realistic because my interest in the 'hobby' is so broad. When I get sick of painting models I'll build some scenery. When I want a change I write some background material or surf the 'Net looking for rumours. I've always got something to comment on.

My posting has been a little sketchy, however, and sometimes I have gone for a week without a new post. This is largely due to real life issues and lack of time. It's not that I have nothing to report on, it's just that I don't have the time to report it.

Other times, I have posted four or more posts in a single day. I tend to post like this when I have a day or two off work, so I have the time to log into Blogger, and have maybe missed a couple of days posts, so I feel like I am making up for my slackness. The problem is that a potentially interesting post could have been lost amongst a raft of quick updates. There is also a danger that my post quality could go down in my haste to get something - anything - on the blog.

So my cunning plan, as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, is to re-commit to one post per day, and to have a regular topic for each day of the week.

Here are the categories I'm considering at the moment:
  • News and rumours (from official GW sources, forums, contacts, etc)
  • Reviews (books, models, etc)
  • Background and fiction (my latest scribblings on the Skolarii Sector or my Chaos horde)
  • Battle report (a write-up of my last game)
  • Painting and modelling (showing everything I have done over the previous week)
  • Opinion (a rant about the state of the game, a tactics article, etc)
  • Selling (a round up of my 'New Model Fund' and new stuff up for sale)
Of course, I'll add anything that seems relevant or pops into my head as I'm going, but this should add a little more discipline and structure to my blog. It also means that for some things I can build up a little lead time before I post which means I can re-read and edit my posts before hitting that publish button.

To make it really easy to find the content you prefer I'll list the type of post in the title like this: REVIEW: Codex Blue Space Marines or BACKGROUND: The second Chaos invasion of the Skolarii Sector.

If there is anything you'd like me to cover on this blog that I haven't mentioned above, please let me know.



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