Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PAINTING AND MODELLING: The Blood Angels muster

A while back I listed all of my Blood Angel models. I can now revisit the list and add the points values to find out how much I have and how much I still need to do. I haven't added any wargear, vehicle or squad upgrades, so the actual totals will be higher.

Here are the painted models.
  • Dante 200 points
  • Mephiston 225 points
  • Corbulo 100 points
  • Chaplain with jump pack 120 points
  • Chaplain 100 points
  • Techmarine 75 points
  • 10 Deathcompany with jump packs, 2 power fists variable
  • 5 Veterans with jump packs, powerfist, plasma pistol 190 points
  • 10 Assault marines with jump packs, 2 plasma pistols 280 points
  • Razorback with twin lascannon 80 points
  • Furioso Death Company Dreadnought 125 points
  • Dreadnought with multimelta 125 points
  • Predator Destructor 95 points
Total 1715 points. Of course there are far too many heroes and not enough troops but that's a good start.

These models are built and undercoated.
  • 5 Honour Guard with jump packs, standard, plasma gun, Techmarine, Apothecary with twin lightning claws (!) 225 points
  • Landspeeder with multimelta 65 points
  • Landraider 250 points
  • Whirlwind 85 points
So that is another 625 points for minimal effort. However, I am still very low on Troop choices.

And then I have some models awaiting construction.
  • Landraider Crusader 250 points
  • Techmarine in Servo Harness and 4 servitors 220 points
  • 6 Sniper scouts 110 points
  • 5 Close Combat scouts 80 points
  • 3 Shotgun scouts 39 points
  • 1 Heavy Bolter scout 29 points
  • 10 Tactical marines 190 points
I have 918 points tied up in my remaining models. Crucially, they include some more troops, in the shape of Tactical marines, which I bought from e-bay a few weeks ago. Getting these models on the tabletop would also allow me to field the Razorback. This unit must be my priority.

Altogether, then, I have a total Blood Angels army worth 3258 points! An impressive figure but the collection is horribly unbalanced with few troops and far too many heroes. They are also in various states of repair and vary wildly in the standard of their paintjob. Perhaps this is going to be a bigger project than I had first thought...

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