Saturday, June 30, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Plastic Baneblade sighted

The new plastic Baneblade has been sighted on the Games Workshop US website as a trailer for the Chicago Games Day.

The rumours are that this kit is not based exactly upon the Forgeworld kit, but is inspired by it. Opinion varies on the price tag with estimates ranging from £50 to £75. My own guess would be around the £60 mark. The UK Games Day posters have displayed the new Chaos Space Marines codex cover so we can expect lots of Chaos goodies at Games Day, but there is a possibility of the Baneblade and other Apocalypse related products appearing there too.

Brimstone on Warseer has created an Apocalypse rumour thread which contains pictures of other models to accompany the release including Marine veterans, an Ork Mek and a new Necron Lord.

Tabletop Gaming News is carrying an interview with Jervis Johnson at the moment. While it's not exactly a Jeremy Paxman interview it does reinforce GW's new direction with their games expansions (such as Mighty Empires).

The Nemesis Crown campaign website is now fully live and you can start to register. I have already done so and plan to play a small campaign against Gary's Dark Elves in the Barren Hills over the coming weeks.

Righto, I'm off to make a 2000 point army list.

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