Thursday, June 21, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: All-out Chaos attack!

The big news for me is the release of more Forgeworld models for the Chaos Renegade Militia. First up are the Enforcer conversion kits. These guys perform a similar role to Commissars in an Imperial Guard army. I don't like the rules for Commissars and I wasn't sure about the first sneak preview I saw previously. Having read the Renegade list in the Siege of Vraks Imperial Armour book I think the Enforcers will see significantly more use in CRM lists than Commissars do in IG lists. This is due to the rather random nature of the CRM leadership values. So I might HAVE to include some of these models. With that in mind I took a careful look at the figures (there are 5 in total).

I'm still not sold on the heads. Everyone parodies Games Workshop for overusing the skull imagery and it's just too easy to slap a skull on something and call it Chaos. Each Enforcer carries a different type of weapon. The 'power prod' looks the best to me as it is very finely sculpted with lots of detail. The chain and power sword look okay, as does the mace, but the whip just looks weird. Maybe it's the angle of the photo but it seems very awkward. Plasma pistols, bolt pistols, las pistols, auto pistols and shotguns round out the their armoury. These models still get a meh from me. Perhaps I need to see them in the flesh.

The Rogue Psyker models look far more promising. These are sculpts by Mark Bedford, one of my favourites at Games Workshop. There are two distinct poses. The first has arms outspread and is obviously revelling in his powers. My first thought on seeing him was to use him as a Daemonhost for my radical daemonhunters army. A very nice model.

The other psyker seems to be a bit more concerned about his powers. He's holding his head like the Edvard Much painting 'Scream.' Again, this is an excellent sculpt.

The only problem is that the rules for them are not great. They are very similar to the Imperial Guard Sanctioned Psykers who add lots of character but not much practical power to an army. There are some neat rules for becoming possessed, but they are hardly an essential choice.

So, a bit of a mixed bag. We have one unit which is vital but has iffy models and another unit which has good models but dodgy rules. Ho hum.

It's not just 40k that has new Chaos models. Forgeworld have finished the Harbinger heavy bomber for Aeronautica Imperialis. Take a look at the scale comparison with the other Chaos craft. This thing is huge!

I want to get into this game one day. The only good thing about not getting it straight away is that Forgeworld will have a load more models for sale for it by the time I take the plunge.

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