Monday, June 4, 2007

PAINTING: Marauders, fahsunds of 'em!

Well, not quite. Ahem.

My main accomplishment this week is the completion of my Marauder horsemen. To tabletop standard, anyway. I converted some of the Marauders to carry flails (scrounged from the Marauder infantry described below). Strength five in the first turn of combat on a unit that moves 16" and costs well under a hundred points - what's not to love? Plus I can try out those sneaky bait and flee manoeuvres that the dastardly Dark Elves use on me all the time.

I got the chance to use my Foundation paints for the first time on these figures and was impressed by the coverage. I used Tallarn Flesh straight over the black undercoat and though I had some trouble matching the regular shades of GW paint to the Foundation colour, I'll definitely be using more of them in the future.

My plan is to get all of my remaining models up to this standard so I can get them onto the battlefield, and then come back to them to finish them properly. I painted the tartan blue as I saw a similar pattern in the latest White Dwarf (UK issue 330) on the Lord of the Rings Clansmen of Lamedon. Nice to see someone at GW is reading this blog!

I will use the Foundation paints on this Knight too.

Red is notoriously difficult to paint over black and I remember painting about 5 layers onto my original unit of Knights. It's got to save some time, right? I've bought another Knight to take the unit up to six members. This means I could put a character in there if I want and benefit from the 'look out sir' rule, and it also means I get the extra attacks against 5 wide ranked cavalry or infantry on larger bases. It also means I have one more model to be removed as a casualty if the unit takes a battering (my Dark Elf foes have invested in more Repeater Bolt Throwers - eek!).

The other thing I've done over the last week is start to assemble my Marauders. One of the reasons I chose a Chaos army was to keep my model count low and I originally was dead against Marauders, simply because of the length of time they would take to build and paint. I bought them anyway after playing a few games and seeing how cool ranked infantry looked. This unit also means I have every core choice represented in my list. I am hoping this will improve the flexibility of my list and give me more practice with a greater variety of units.

I did correctly guess they would be a pain to put together, though. This is what I have to show for 3 hours work.

I must have a really bad casting of these plastic sprues as the cast lines are horrendous and are taking an age to scrape off. Nevertheless, I'm ploughing on.

I have a six day work week this week so my gaming time will be severely limited. My aim is to get this 16 man unit built, based and undercoated over the next week. If I'm lucky, I might get some paint on the Knight, too.

Wish me luck!

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