Friday, June 15, 2007

NEW MODEL FUND: Heavy Tau casualties but Blood Angel reinforcements

There has been lots of activity on the New Model Front over the past week. The auctions ended for several Tau units I had listed the previous and I had planned to put lots more Tau models up on e-bay but one of my regular buyers made me an offer for the rest. This saved me the bother of listing each auction and waiting for them to end, and it gave me a good boost to my kitty. It also completely exhausted my Tau models. I'll have a good warchest for the Chaos Renegade Militia later in the year.

Buoyed by this swelling of my bank balance I splashed the cash on some Space Marines for my planned Blood Angels army. I got 10 Tactical marines for £11.16, which represented a decent saving on the £18 GW price. They are new on the sprue, too.

Here is how the Fund is looking now.
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £290.86
  • Less selling fees £12.63
  • Less models bought £95.16
  • New model fund £183.07
I have taken pics of some models I got as part of the Skullz promotion several years back and they will be my next sales I reckon - I'll list them over the coming weekend. I also have a few random Imperial Guard models to list; some Vostroyans, some Tanith troopers and more.

Watch this space.

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