Thursday, June 7, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: GT dates, Forgeworld and FAQ's

The biggest news of the last week for me is the release of the 40k Grand Tournament dates. Heat 1 takes place on 13th and 14th October, Heat 2 on 10th and 11th of November and Heat 3 is the weekend of the 24th and 25th November. The tickets go on sale on the 21st July. I went to Heat 2 last year and had a blast, so I'll definitely be returning. I just need to get the football fixtures to make sure there is no conflict with the Newcastle matches and I'm good to go.

I'll need to get saving too, as I'll take the opportunity to stock up on Forgeworld goodies and dodge the postage costs on the Chaos Renegade Militia (RCM) for my next army. First things first, though, I need to finish the Blood Angels I plan to use and the codex hasn't even been released yet!

Forgeworld have trailed a few new models recently. Most relevant to me is the Enforcer. This is the first of the RCM models I've not been immediately impressed by - the skull imagery being so prominent. Maybe it's because of his rules - I believe they are the equivalent of Commissars in the Imperial Guard. In fact, rumours suggest that the Renegade list is virtually the same as the regular Imperial Guard codex. Meh.

Other models are the Malcador, kind of a stretch Leman Russ and Imperial trenches. They also posted some new pages from the Siege of Vraks - all the more annoying because my copy hasn't arrived yet. Grrr.

There was some good news over on the Warhammer Forum as Gav Thorpe let everyone in on Games Workshop's plan for FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). Here is his initial post:


In a recent thread I promised to speak to Alessio and Jerv regarding FAQs. I have now done so and have a clearer idea where we now are.

Traditionally the FAQ was the responsibility of a book's author. However, with some books' developers departing GW before the books were released this system obviously wasn't going to work. Alessio shouldered the responsibility, but simple time pressures (such as writing and developing the new Warhammer, amongst other things) seriously cut into the time available. Everybody involved is aware that the current situation is less than ideal, so we've recently changed the way the FAQs are collated, and as far as I know the schedule to catch up is currently being worked out. With luck* we'll able to put on a bit of a 'blitz' to get everything up to date. Speaking to Jervis and Alessio, who are the main engines behind the FAQs in the Studio, once this is achieved we should be able to provide a much more timely FAQ service in the near future.



*Or failing that, some planning Cool

Three pages of comments follow in the thread.

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