Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BACKGROUND: Inquisitor Alexander Barbero

Tut, tut, tut. This is becoming something of a habit. Yet another day without a post. I'm just mega busy at the moment and I am out and about six nights out of seven this week. Something has to give. It's obviously this blog. On the plus side I have managed to play another Fantasy game against Gary's Dark Elves in our little Nemesis Crown campaign. I'll post the full battle report over the weekend.

First up, as promised, another Inquisitorial profile.

As a fellow member of the Ordo Malleus, Alexander Barbero could be expected to be a firm ally of High Protector Johan von Aschausen. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the High Protector is a staunch Amalathian, Barbero is a redoubtable Monodominant, a hardliner railing against von Aschausen's pragmatic approach.

Barbero is a relative newcomer to the Skolarii Sector. He was initially invited by Cardinal Astral Exume of the Udaeus Group to investigate the Klandal Coven and following the death of the Inquisitor General of Berin in the attack on Spire Eagle Resplendent, Barbero assumed her position.

Barbero's Monodominant stance matched that of the Cardinal Astral and the Inquisitor soon became the focus of anti-Amalathian feelings. With powerful patrons, both within and without the Inquisition, Barbero quickly rose through the organisation. He is now the most senior Monodominant Inquisitor in the Skolarii Sector and his faction has gained ground while von Aschausen falters.

Barbero is getting ready to make his move.

I'll be back shortly with a glimpse at Franz Buirman of the Ordo Xenos.

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