Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Games day 2007

I have bought a ticket for Games Day 2007. This will be my second Games Day ever, the first being almost 10 years ago. My memories are of long coach journeys, a noisy venue, queues everywhere and an amiable John Blanche. I didn't rush back.

I've decided to brave it again for several reasons. The first is that there are a lot of Games Workshop releases I am eagerly anticipating, including the new Chaos codex and the Apocalypse expansion. I know that the Chaos Space Marines will have been on sale for a week or two by the 23rd September but I'm really hoping that I'll get my hands on some Apocalypse pre-releases, in particular the Baneblade.

I want the super heavy tank to complement my planned Chaos Renegade Militia army. That's another reason I want to attend Games Day. Forgeworld should be there in force, so I'll be able to pick up most of the army while I'm there. I have my fingers crossed that Forgeworld will also release new models and that they will be for the Renegades.

Other swag which I hope to nab are Black Library books; I reckon Descent of Angels should be up for sale there as well as the Imperial Munitorum Manual.

The Golden Demon is of great interest to me because if push came to shove and I had to pick just one part of the hobby to pursue, I would pick painting. I want to be inspired by the conversions and paint schemes and maybe I'll enter something in the competition myself.

I mentioned John Blanche earlier, and he was the best part of the last Games Day I attended. He commented that I was a rarity in that I chatted to him about his drawing and painting techniques rather than just stand in dumb silence or try to hand over my manuscript containing 29 new Eldar aspects (this really happened!). My latest White Dwarf mentions that the design studio will be out in force so I intend to corner them if at all possible. I'm hoping for some seminars and maybe a sneak peek at the forthcoming Ork codex.

The mega battles and displays are always worth a look, too.

So there is plenty to grab my attention and my wallet. Of course, I'll report back any news and rumours to lone pilgrim as soon as I can.

Now I just need to organise that Chaos Renegade Militia army list so I know what models I need to buy.

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