Sunday, July 22, 2007

BATTLE REPORT: Tyranids vs Black Templars

First things first; an apology for no post yesterday. I was working all day, then I hit the shops on the way home, picked up something to eat and then spoke to my girlfriend on the phone for ages (she's down in Gloucestershire at the moment where the worst of the floods are). After that I was so whacked I went straight to bed. And I had so many plans for the weekend...

Anyhoo, my post today will be short and sweet as I have tons do do and a wet girlfriend to pick up from the station. Rather than do all the hard work myself I thought I'd point you in the direction of a battle report with a twist. It is hosted by Blue Table Painting, a miniature painting service based in Utah in the US of A. The twist is that it isn't a text or picture battle report it is a video battle report.

So if you have a decent broadband connection and half an hour of free time I recommend you check it out. The easiest way to view the battle is to start with this thread on Warseer. Otherwise, you can head on over to YouTube and have a rifle through the rest of their vids.

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