Saturday, July 28, 2007

BACKGROUND: Inquisitor Franz Buirmann

More on those famous Inquisitors of the Skolarii Sector, this time around I have Franz Buirmann of the Ordo Xenos for your delectation.

Franz Buirmann represents the Odo Xenos on the Suprema. He is a bullish, blunt man with little time for politics. As a result he spends much of his time away from Jalein, roaming far and wide across the Skolarii Sector.

Both Alexander Barbero and Johannes Kepler have courted Buirmann's favour as they anticipate von Aschausen's departure, but so far he remains tight-lipped on his thoughts for the succession.

Buirmann presents himself as an orthodox moderate puritan but some have whispered that he is secretly a radical Inquisitor. They point to his former Explicator, Jean Baptiste Girard, who has swiftly risen to the lofty rank of Protector Ustra, despite his Istvaanian tendencies. Other radical Inquisitors have also prospered under Buirmann's patronage.

Only time will tell whether these rumors are true or are part of a plot to undermine Buirmann's shot at becoming High Protector.

The last member of the Suprema is Johannes Kepler, and I'll post his profile tomorrow.

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