Sunday, July 29, 2007

BACKGROUND: Inquisitor Johannes Kepler

This is my fourth, and last, Inquisitor profile - Johannes Kepler.

Johannes Kepler, like Alexander Barbero, is an Inquisitor who came to the Skolarii Sector relatively recently. A senior Inquisitor Lord of great renown, Kepler had disappeared and had been thought dead for many years.

In 756.M41 he turned up on Mangalore, investigating cult activities amongst the noble trade families. Over the next century he built a case against the prominent Solondz family and toppled them from their position as the foremost noble family in the Kandaeon Worlds.This led to Kepler's immediate promotion to Protector of sub sector four.

Seventy seven years later he joined the Suprema. His formidable psychic powers made him unpopular with Barbero and Buirman, as did his outspoken Amalathian politics. Many within the Inquisition Skolarii would see Kepler as a natural successor to von Aschausen if it were not for his highly strung nature. Whether his occasionally erratic behaviour is due to his prodigious psychic abilities or his long, mysterious disappearance, no-one can be sure.

I'll return to the Inquistion at some point and describe the rest of the Inquisitors who make up the Imperium's finest in the Skolarii Sector.

I have lots of new material for this blog to come over the next week. Gary and I have played another game in our Nemesis Campaign, so I need to write up that battle report. I have also been working out some of the details for the two armies I have to complete over the following tournament season; my Blood Angels and the Hooded Chaos Renegade Militia. Finally, I'm looking to put a raft of models up for sale on e-bay.

There is lots going on in the wider Games Workshop world, too. Chicago Games Day has taken place over the weekend and all sorts of news and rumours are filtering through from that. The Chaos Codex is still providing some surprises and the massive Apocalypse release is coming into view.

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