Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Proper Baneblade pics, Orks confirmed and the daemons are coming!

Rumours on that thar t'intarweb say that Games Workshop are planning a 40k Daemon codex for 2008. This fits with the earlier rumours which state that the new Codex Chaos Space Marines, due in September, will only have basic rules for generic daemons. Many of the rumours go on to say that the codex will cover both 40k and Warhammer. This is very unlikely in my opinion. It is far more likely that it will allow you to field all daemon armies (mmm, daemonic heavy support) and/or traitor guardsmen and Lost and the Damned style models.

Proper pictures of the new plastic Baneblades have emerged. This photo was taken from the US edition of White Dwarf magazine and appears in this thread on Warseer.

I'm really hoping to bag one or two of these bad boys at Games Day this year.

You might also want to have a poke around on this thread. Make a cup of tea first because there is a lot of information on the schedule itself. Stand-outs obviously include all the big boxed sets for the Apocalypse expansion and the confirmed dates for the Chaos and Ork codexes. It's going to be a green Christmas.

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