Thursday, July 5, 2007

CAMPAIGN: Nemesis Crown - Introduction

This is the first post in a whole series which will cover the Warhammer campaign Gary and I are playing against the backdrop of the Nemesis campaign. He will be using his Dark Elves while I will be fielding my Horde of Chaos. The campaign will be played using the simple location rules I posted a while back, with 2000 points armies.

We'll be using the time limit special rule with our campaign ending on 6th August 2007. There are only 6 weeks or so to play, we decided to stick with the basic five locations. The games are set in the Barren Hills and we've named the locations thus.
  1. The ruins of Tor Thana
  2. Gnarled oak grove
  3. Solsister river
  4. Dun hills
  5. Marchens Henge
The Dark Elves are camped out near Tor Thana so their base is location one. My Chaos horde is based at Marchens Henge which is location five. If you check out this map you will notice that the intervening terrain features match the ones above. It's almost like I did that on purpose!

Our first battle will be near the Solsister river in location three. I'll post the first battle report tomorrow.

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