Monday, April 27, 2009

GENERAL: A draw a win and a start

I missed my news and rumours update yesterday.

This was partly due to there not being anything particularly exciting to report on but mostly because of the football. I'm a rabid Newcastle United fan (I bleed black and white blood) and we played a crucial game last night. Unfortunately we only got a draw and relegation is a very real possibility. We have four more games to save ourselves and I'll be watching them all.

It's also getting to the business end of the Champions League games and I'll be off to watch Barcelona v Chelsea once I post this. Man Utd play Arsenal tomorrow night.

In summary - I might be blogging a bit less between now and the end of the footie season.

I do have some kind of news, though.

I'm an avid reader of Graeme's Fantasy book review blog (via google reader on my iPhone) and he regularly runs competitions to win copies of the books he reviews. Graeme recently reviewed The Killing Ground by Graham McNeill and ran a competition to win that and the follow-up Courage and Honour. I eagerly entered as I have read the first three books of the series but couldn't buy the latter books because of my New Year resolution not to buy GW novels in 2009.

Yesterday I was very pleased to find out I was one of the winners and I look forward to getting them through the post soon (hopefully in time for me to take one of them away on holiday).

Thanks Graeme!

And finally...

As you're all no doubt aware I am almost done transcribing my battle reports over to my battle reports blog. I just have two Tournaments and one Campaign left to port over. I decided to start with the Tournaments so you can read the introduction to the Gauntlet 2003 here. I hope to post the three games and after action report in the coming week or two.

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