Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SELLING: First rank SELL! Second rank SELL!

To do list:
  • DONE - Convert and post up another battle report
  • DONE - Complete my Dreadnought conversion
  • DONE - Undercoat the interior of my Land Raider Crusader
  • DONE - Start stripping my plastic Catachans
  • DONE - Sort out my podcasts on iTunes
  • DONE - Check my IG listings on eBay and link to the auction from this blog
  • Paint the metallics on my Terminators
  • Apply transfers to my Techmarine and Death Company
  • Sort out my Blood Angels photographs on Picasa
Battle report
The battle report I have posted here is a bit of a cheat as far as my to-do list goes. I was supposed to have written up one of my photo heavy games but instead I found an old text only report that I'd forgotten to blog about earlier. It's a 2000 point game where my Chaos Space Marines took on Gary's Dark Eldar in a 4th edition game.

And now for the ad break.

After dithering for many a blog entry over the entire lifetime of this blog I've only gone and put all my Praetorians up for sale on eBay.

Amongst the auctions are seven heavy weapon teams, eight special weapons, three sergeants, two captains, two standard bearers, two buglers and dozens of Infantrymen.

The sale comes to an end on Sunday and I'm hoping that they'll go to a good home in time for the new Imperial Guard codex. I also hope they'll bring in some decent funds for my New Model Fund.

Much to my surprise people have been following my ramblings and have actually taken the time to post comments, so it's only right that I salute them and reply.
@Tristan - I'm getting in a curry and will be watching the game with a can of Stella tonight! It'll take my mind off the Toon's fight against relegation.
@bG - Thanks for the tips. I really hope it works OK because I've got a lot of models that will be stripped and repainted if it does.
@suneokun - An absolutely great read and you put my thoughts into words better than I did. I still like the Cadians but the Catachans just ooze character. For anyone who has checked the link you can do so here.

What to do, what to do...

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