Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PAINTING: 'Eavy Metal

I did a little painting over the weekend on my Terminators.

Like the rest of my Blood Angel infantry models I started with the metallics first. The weapons and details on the armour are Boltgun Metal with a Mithril Silver drybrush then a Badab Black wash. The fancier bits, like the pommel on the Sergeant's powersword and his Iron Halo are layered with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver followed by a Gryphonne Sepia wash. Nice and easy and they provide good results.

I also did most of the work on the bases. My main colour is Khemri Brown, drybrushed with Bleached Bone and then washed with Devlan Mud. I picked out the bits of ruined buildings in Scorched Brown then drybrushed this up to pure Catachan Green and then again drybrushed up to pure Skull White.

Unfortunately this didn't give me the pale green colour I was looking and just made the ruins blend into the base so I washed them all with Thraka Green. I'm still not convinced by the effect so I stopped there without picking out the rest of the features. I'll paint the rest of the models and then come back to the bases later.

I've also undercoated my Dreadnought with Chaos Black so it's likely I'll move onto that after the Terminators.

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