Monday, April 6, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Forge World open day

Yesterday Forge World held a free open day at Warhammer World. Although I couldn't get there in person I did follow the coverage over on Warseer with some interest.

Orks, Chaos and the Imperial Guard seemed to be favoured armies.

The Orks are getting a load of Trukk kit upgrades, while the Battlewagons will be getting Big Lobbas, Kill Kannons and Supa-zappas.

The Chaos forces will have to wait for a year or so until they receive their Reaver Titan. They also got a Khorne Daemon Prince with Herald, a Khorne Daemon Engine, a Nurgle Daemon engine and a Renegade Militia heavy weapon team for the Siege of Vraks III.

Speaking of Vraks it was confirmed that the third and final instalment of the campaign will be released at Games day 2009 in September. Apparently the Krieg IG army list will be very tank heavy to allow Krieg players to field something other than a siege company. Chaos Space Marine warbands, loyalist Space Marines and Grey Knights will also feature.

More Imperial Guard kits come in the form of upgrades for the Valkyrie. There is a Vendetta conversion kit and a Vulture with two punisher cannons. Yikes!

One thing I wondered about with the release of the new IG codex is the Renegade lists in the first two Vraks books. Supposedly FW will be releasing PDF's to update those lists in line wih the new IG rules. I hope they do as I still plan to finish my Renegade list at some point.

The next IA book after Vraks is rumoured to involve Orks (Goffs, Evil Sunz, and Death Skulls) and Elysian IG.

Ginormous battle report
I've just blogged my latest battle report over on my dedicated blog. It's big in all respects; it was a 2000 point game with my Imperial Guard taking on Gary's Chaos Space Marines and it's a big report, with five photographs coving deployment alone. Check it out here.

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