Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PAINTING: 'Blood Angels to me!'

I've just posted up my contribution to month eight of the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters challenge. As part of the Tale you have to post up a shot of the newly painted unit along with the rest of your growing army. You've already seen the Techmarine I painted up so here are the group shots.

1235 points of bad ass Blood Angels

Of course I have more models than this painted for the whole army as I started it before the challenge; units such as my Death Company Furioso Dreadnought, my Razorback and some character models. All or some of these may get revisited at some point in the future so that they match my current paint scheme.


You can just see my Terminators at the back of the pic above. I've already started on the bases of these guys and they will be my next unit in the challenge. They weigh in at somewhere close to 250 points and will get me back on target for that 2000 point total if I finish them by the end of the month.

I've fallen a bit behind schedule, you see, largely because I had to play a joker and not submit anything for one month. I also lost some painting time by painting up five Death Company marines that contribute zero points to my army total. So I need to paint up over 200 points worth of models every month to stay the pace.

Failure is not an option!

Hitting the wall
I've really been enjoying my painting recently but I've been finding it a real struggle to get the time to do it. Work is tough at the moment meaning late finishes and weekend working and when I do have the time to paint I'm too physically and mentally drained to do it. I'm also trying to get fit so I'm getting up at six each morning and hitting the gym before work even starts. Crazy I know but hopefully I'll see some decent results for the summer.

All this means that something has to give and unfortunately it is going to be my Tuesday gaming nights with Gary. I've put things on hold for a couple of months to see how things go. I'll certainly be done with my gym blitz by then and if I paint instead of play on a Tuesday night this should hopefully give me enough time to get on top of my painting for the challenge. Perhaps it will get the painting bug out of my system too and I'll be raring to play some games.

Battle report
Speaking of games I have recently posted a 5th edition battle report on my other blog. This is what will turn out to be the last game against Gary for quite a while. Again it saw my Daemonhunter army with Imperial Guard allies take on Gary's growing Chaos Daemon horde. Read it here.

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