Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MODELLING: Dreadnought weapon refit

To do list:
  • Convert and post up another battle report
  • DONE - Complete my Dreadnought conversion
  • DONE - Undercoat the interior of my Land Raider Crusader
  • DONE - Start stripping my plastic Catachans
  • DONE - Sort out my podcasts on iTunes
  • Check my IG listings on eBay and link to the auction from this blog
  • Paint the metallics on my Terminators
  • Apply transfers to my Techmarine and Death Company
  • Sort out my Blood Angels photographs on Picasa
The Dreadnought conversion is a strange one. The model comes from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set and GW gave it a multi-melta arm because their regular plastic Dread doesn't have that option. However I don't own a plastic Dreadnought. I have two metals ones; a Furioso and a very old Blood Angels specific one which is armed with a multi-melta.

Back in the day this was a great weapon as it could be shot as a character or vehicle killer, much as now OR it could be shot with a flame template. This made it very flexible. Now it is just a short ranged single shot weapon and virtually all of the other weapon fits are better, either because of their range, rate of fire or accuracy. Despite this I've kept my metal Dread's multi-melta but when it came to this plastic model I wanted something else.

I settled on the assault cannon because I had one spare from an old Baal predator.

The gun barrels were easy to swap out but I had a devil of a job getting the ammo feed on there. After experimenting with greenstuff I settled on using feeds left over from my Defiler/Brass Scorpion/Mantis Stalk Tank conversion.

I had also planned to convert the storm bolter to a heavy flamer but it is built right into the arm and it would take a massive effort to swap. What I'll do is leave the arms unglued so that I can remove them. I'm sure at some point in the future I'll acquire a plastic dreadnought kit and I'll be able to swap the arms out as I wish.

At least the storm bolter and assault cannon complement each somewhat.

Righto - onwards and upwards.

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