Wednesday, April 8, 2009


To do list:
  • DONE - Convert and post up another battle report
  • DONE - Complete my Dreadnought conversion
  • DONE - Undercoat the interior of my Land Raider Crusader
  • DONE - Start stripping my plastic Catachans
  • DONE - Sort out my podcasts on iTunes
  • DONE - Check my IG listings on eBay and link to the auction from this blog
  • Paint the metallics on my Terminators
  • DONE - Apply transfers to my Techmarine and Death Company
  • Sort out my Blood Angels photographs on Picasa

I've finished adding transfers to my Techmarine and Death Company.

The Techmarine was tricky because I needed a Blood Angel chapter badge but due to the detailing on the shoulder pad it had to be smaller than the ones I usually use. I dug around my bag of decals and finally found the yellow one you can see on the pic. I had also decided I need a transfer on his kneepad but this was a smaller space again. I've put a transfer on there from my first edition Space Marines - a tiny Blood Angels blood drop and wings surrounded by a black circle. It was still a bit big and I had trouble curling it round the pad so I just hope it sticks!

Rather predictably I added lots of skulls to the Death Company as well as a campaign badge to the Chaplain. I figured the Death Company wouldn't have campaign badges because their armour has been overpainted just before the battle and they wouldn't be expected to survive long enough to need one.

And that's it from me today. I didn't get round to painting my Terminators or sorting out my photos on Picasa but I have finished off a lot of those niggly little things on the list so I'm happy enough.

The Chinese food is ordered, I'm going to open a bottle of wine and watch some telly.


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