Friday, April 24, 2009

PAINTING: Red all over

Just a quick blog update to say I've completed the Mechrite Red base layer on the Terminator armour.

This was no small task as each model took around thirty minutes to paint. I did the first on Tuesday night and then the rest on Thursday. I really didn't feel like painting as I was shattered from work but I knuckled down thinking I'd paint one or two but I kept on going and finished the lot. Unfortunately I'm working over the weekend so I probably won't get anything else done then, but I might have some time after work during the week.

Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. 2 quick questions: When I use mechrite red it starts out as an almost pinkish red but ends up applying on the model a lot like a thin coat of red gore: how do you get yours to apply so evenly?

    Secondly, do you base the entire area with mechrite red or do you leave some black undercoat showing in the recesses?

    Sorry if you answer these points in your blog. I'm just so blown away by your work, its really inspiring me!